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Business Support in Chichester

An effortless backbone to businesses, building tailored digital solutions which last years.

Being a digital agency we understand that some companies want to innovate or streamline processes but get stuck on issues such as not having the budget to pay for a digital agency to help or enough time to learn how to create automated processes yourself.

If you are looking to innovate or re-structure your business, whether it be because of the current covid situation or you would like to change your business processes by automating your website or creating an app. There are many grants your company could use if you do not quite have the cash flow and don’t want the responsibility of getting a loan.

We’ve used grant’s in the past for our business which has allowed us to create a training space for our employee’s and get the computers they needed to create our best work.

After this post there are also links to our clients website’s who also used grants to create their website with us.

Here is a list of the current Grant’s available within the Chichester District :

Last checked 11th September 2020


Coast2capital have announced a lunch of a ‘Business Recovery Grants’ scheme. Which is aiming to help small to medium sized businesses within West Sussex, Brighton & Hove, East Surrey, Croydon, or the Lewes District.

This is scheme is set to not only boost local economy, but to also increase job creation and retention.

This grant range is £10,000 to £170,000 (for projects of £20,000 to £340,000) on a 50% match basis.

If you would like to read more about this grant please visit the link below where you can also apply online.

COVID-19 recovery grants

COVID-19 recovery grants are now available to help local businesses if like many others you have learnt that being up to date with the latest technology or moving part of your business online will keep you going in these strange times this grant will help you see through these strange times. There are many pots available and these links would be useful to read prior to applying for this type of grant you will find more information on the Chichester council website here :

Small business grant

This is a small business grant of up to £1,000 towards to incurred costs of keeping staff or customers safe.

Apply for a small covid-19 recovery grant for your businesses

Large business grant

This large business grant is up to £5,000 towards putting measures in place to recover from lockdown this is on a 50% match fund basis – so in summery the council will give you 50% towards your spend this can be used towards updating your website to attract more customers online.

Apply for a large covid-19 recovery grant for your businesses

Grant deadline

This grant is set to end on the Friday 18 September 2020. 

Enabling Grant Scheme

The enabling grant scheme is currently closed but we would suggest keeping an eye out for this as it is very useful and we have used it ourself in the past. The government will pay 50% towards a project or equipment needed within the office of up to £5,000 and should be open again towards the end of the year.

The Business Hothouse

The Business Hothouse provided by the University of Chichester offers free support to pre-start and established businesses in the Coast-to-Capital area. Not only do they offer the Invest4 grant they also provide expert advice on how to get your business growing by suppling workshops worth around £3,000. The Invest4 grant fund is available to both pre-start and to growing established businesses. This type of grant is know as ‘match-funding’, which is where a business agree’s to provide 60% towards the grant so the investment by the funding body is matched at the 40% balance. The amount of grants available are from £2,000 to £170,000 can be secured. You can read more information on this here :

Companies who have used Grant’s with LGC Digital

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Want to talk more about the process?

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