Introducing Google’s New Site Kit For WordPress!

That’s right you heard me! Google has made a plugin for WordPress which allows you to have data all in one place for analytics, meaning you will have authoritative and up-to-date recommendations from Google! You can connect all your Google services in one place these are :

Currently, it is in the Beta stage and you can download by going here. We have just installed this beauty on our website and can honestly say it really has so much to offer, no more installs from non-google analytics plugins ( sorry ExactMetrics ).

So let me show you what the features of this include:

Quick, simple Install!

It took me less than 1 minute to set up and link our Google services in just a few clicks.

See stats for each page

When we load a page on the frontend of our site and navigate around you can see a site kit menu item added to the WordPress admin bar for quick stats. One thing to note here is that it doesn’t work for Archive or Category Pages. Hopefully something Google will fix for next release.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard includes lots of data such as the where your source of traffic is coming from. Search Funnels, Top 10 Keywords users searched to land on your website and what your most popular content is! If you have services such as page speed insights you can also see how fast your website loads as well.

Head over to Google Site Kit and grab your copy now, remeber if you need any Google GSuite tools we are a certified Google GSuite Partner. 

Thanks for reading! I am off to install this on all our client’s websites!

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