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Quality apps expertly developed for great user experiences.

Let’s Get Coffee >

Do you want to turn your website into a mobile app? We’ll take your existing website with all its functionality and make it into a native mobile application, which works across all app stores.

Got an app already? But need development, updates or support.

Let’s Get Coding a native app that’s right for you.

  • Android
  • IOS
  • React Native
  • And Many More…

All of our apps are built from scratch; let’s create a tailored app that stands out from the crowd – your business is unique so your website should be too!

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Our process

This is how we go about getting to know you, your customers and your business. Discovering exactly what you need.

Get to know our process.

So you need ? Here’s how that looks.


1-2 Weeks

This bit is all about listening to you. Finding out what you need, building research and learning all about your customers.


4-6 Weeks

Your ideas are brought to life. We’ll sketch wireframes, create user flows and give you everything you need to visualise the final product. Imagination, optional.


2-4 Weeks

Your design is made up from those wireframes we sketched earlier. We’ll make up the full design of your website with all pages, delivered to you in PDF format. Once you’re happy with your design, you can sign it off.


8-12 Weeks

Now your site gets coded into a fully functioning native app. By now, we’ll need all your content back. To make sure the look, feel and functionality of your app is exactly what you want. We’ve even got a special tool which lets you preview our progress at your leisure.


2-4 Weeks

It gets a bit technical around now. To make sure everything works as planned and iron out any bugs, we run app interoperability and device testing. That means we get users to play around with your app, so we can see live data in real time.


1-2 Weeks

Now things get really exciting. We’ll apply for your app to be deployed on Google Play and the Apple app store and it’s just a short wait for approval. Although, Apple usually takes that little bit longer.


Ongoing >

Sit back and relax, the hard work’s been done. But we’ll stay in touch to support you. Our inbuilt systems take live feedback from your users, so we can offer advice and upgrades based on how they’re using your app. And if the next phase of your roadmap requires further development, we’ve got that covered too.


Want to talk more about this?

Please fill out the form below and one of our team will contact you shortly. While you wait, put the kettle on enjoy a coffee and take your time to process the next steps to your business with Let’s Get Coffee.