Website Tips

Website tips and tricks to help you get the best from your website.

Welcome to the Let’s Get Coffee blog. Here we will help you to unravel the mystery of how to make the best of your website. We’ll give you regular tips about design, content, search engine optimisation and everything in between to help your website perform to the best of its ability.

Our website tips are designed to help you make decisions about how you want your website to look and function. If you’ve decided to go with our web agency, this is a great place to start to begin generating ideas for your own website and to help you understand how they work a bit better as well as what is possible and unrealistic.

Have a read through some of our articles before we meet to get coffee to help you formulate some questions that you might have about the aesthetics of your website, navigation and layout, and content management systems. Or, after we’ve met and had a discussion, use these tips to jog your memory and clarify what we went over during our meeting.

There are many aspects of creating a website and there is almost an unlimited way to go about designing one. Consider how many websites that you have visited in the past and how different they look compared to one another. True, they most certainly have different requirements, and the design of the website will reflect this. It’s about getting the right balance between functionality and style, which in itself can be quite tricky. However, our team have years of experience in doing just this. Here, our team share some of their vast experience website tips, not only to give you a bit of inspiration but also to build your confidence in us, to show you that we can create something truly beautiful and unique for you and your business. 

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