Why Choose Us?

With hundreds of web agencies available, why should you choose LGC? Compared to many other, web design companies, we view you as more than just another client. We have a passion to help you succeed and endeavour to understand, in detail, what you want and what you need. Only then do we use our vast experience to create your tailored solution.

Unlike other digital agencies who buy CMS themes and then charge a premium, all of our templates are unique and made in-house by our outstanding with years of experience.

The benefit of this is that with our bespoke solutions you get exactly what you need which saves time and money by automating processes & giving the ability to easily update content allows the business to react quickly & push changes to your website or app.

We audit processes within businesses to create automated software using your current systems. We integrate these into your websites to decrease time wastage & allow you and your employees to work on other tasks.

We take pride in our graphic design. All our websites and apps have a UX approach where we simplify the user journey to increase conversions, once our websites and apps are deployed our comprehensive support and analysis further increase these conversions.

If that’s not enough here are some more reasons why LGC could be the backbone to your business:

  • We create all our products from scratch in house meaning your website/app is 1 in a million.
  • We understand business.
  • We have a high success rate on our projects because we listen and understand our client’s needs. 
  • We are agile, which means we give our clients a chance to view & make changes to the product mid-project rather than at the end of a build. 
  • We ensure our websites perform quickly across all devices using the latest technologies and benchmark testing. 
  • We like to think outside the box and we ensure websites are different and stand out from the rest. 
  • We always think about SEO even from the initial design stage.

Sounds good but do we have the statistics to back this up?

A client of ours runs a gourmet meal delivery service in the London area, he was spending every Friday night @12 midnight manually inserting orders into a spreadsheet and was missing orders. Which meant unhappy customers and an unhappy CTO spending a weekend filling out spreadsheets.

We created a backend to export all orders and subscriptions on a weekly basis and a new website which once live increased his conversions by 300% and decreased bounce rate by 40%. You can read more about the work involved here.

How do we do this?

We sit down with you and have a two-way conversation. You tell us what you want and require and then we talk about how we can make it happen in a way that you can understand, without blinding or deceiving you with technical jargon. We believe that in understanding and sharing your passion for your product or service, we can grow into a better business ourselves.

So far it’s proving to be a good business model for us. LGC want to offer you the best value service possible. We’ll deliver a project that you’ll be 100% satisfied with and do so without overcharging you or cutting corners.

At the end of every project, you have a 90-day warranty so if anything is not working the way it should we will be on hand to support you and your new solution.

How do we get started?

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