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Heat and Eat Lean

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Technologies Used

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  • 01/03/2019

  • <p>Enhanced subscriptions allowing users to change there meal orders each week</p>
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    Enhanced subscriptions allowing users to change there meal orders each week

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Heat & Eat Lean are a family run “home cooked” meal prep company based in Chichester, West Sussex. 

The Brief

Every week, Heat and Eat Lean owner Jonny Becker would spend hours upon hours going through highly complex spreadsheets. To work out how many meals needed to be cooked for the week ahead. 

Jonny offers meal subscriptions to users. But unfortunately, all they could do was buy a subscription rather than choose the specific meals they wanted. This was not always a problem, as all his meals are fantastic. However, you soon venture into the world of allergies and specific likes and dislikes. Then you start to see the problem.

Desperate to find a solution, Jonny wanted no customer left disappointed when their meal had arrived. So he resorted to manually logging dietary requirements on a spreadsheet but of course, as his business grew, this became very hard to keep on top of.

The LGT team are so good. Extremely helpful and accommodating. I have had loads of great feedback about the new site and the functionalities behind it. GO SEE THEM!!!!

Jonny Becker

The Project

What Jonny really needed, was a team who was committed to helping solve this problem. Brandishing their own specific set of skills. Enter, LGC. 

We helped Jonny solve his first problem by using Woocommerce subscriptions. This meant that customer subscriptions were being renewed and paid for every week. His previous supplier couldn’t do this which was causing the problem with custom orders.

After we configured this, we built a bespoke plugin which could allow the user to choose whatever meals they wanted on purchasing. We also created an inbuilt reporting system via Google Sheets, filled with useful formulas. Then we ran an export from the website admin, which could be imported into the sheet. 

Now Jonny could automatically update his order reports. 

All he had to do was click print and start cooking.

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