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hmv Rewards

hmv Rewards is a site for customers who have received a coupon code to get 3 free movies.

Only allowing use of free coupons

The Brief

hmv Rewards teamed up with businesses who wanted to show customer appreciation by supplying them with free movies. We needed to keep in line with brand guidelines to ensure the HMV brand was consistent across the site. They wanted users to search by genre and only be able to checkout with a coupon code and three movies on their list.

The Project

Using Woocommerce we used a storefront theme, we then extended this theme to use only coupons at the checkout. Adding custom validation for this, if the user had more or less than three, they were prompted to either add or remove items from their list.

We created over 5000 coupons and added an expiry date of two months. Once the user had used the coupon it because invalid, stopping others using it more than once.

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